Manga: Salaryman Kintarou, サラリーマン金太郎 (Chapter 1, 金太郎、上京)


  • Context: someone that doesn't seem qualified to be a salaryman joins a company, bewildering other employees.
  • motto ue no kata de wake ari no jinbutsu kamoshiren zo Imai-kun......
    Imai-kun, it could be that [he's] a person [connected] to someone more above.
    • wake ga aru
      To have some circumstances, reasons. In this case, that something must have gone on between someone "move above" and the new employee, so he has a connection with them somehow.
    • ~kun
      Honorific used toward subordinates, a teacher's students, and boys.
  • motto ue tte shachou...... iya, kaichou...
    もっと上って社長・・・・・・いや 会長・・・
    "More above," [that means] the company president...... no, the chairman...

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