Manga: Gals! (Chapter 1, コギャルは天下のまわりもの)


  • Context: Kotobuki Ran 寿蘭 tells Hoshino Aya 星野綾 to stop with compensated dating.
  • oyaji matten'no? yametoki na, enkou nante sa
    [You] are waiting for the old man? [It's better if you] stop, [with stuff like] compensated dating.
    • matten'no is a contraction of matte-iru no 待っているの.
    • yametoki is a contraction of yamete-oki やめておき, a ren'youkei 連用形 such as this before the na な particle forms an imperative sentence, i.e. she's commanding the other girl to stop.
  • hottoite yo!!
    [Leave me alone]!!

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