Manga: Initial D, 頭文字D (Chapter 1, ハチロク買おーぜ)


  • Context: Mogi Natsuki 茂木なつき, a high school girl 18 years old at the time, engages in enjo-kousai, and is depicted here getting inside the car of some unnamed man. She realizes her understanding of the value of money is distorted upon learning that her friend worked a part-time job through his summer vacation to earn only 120,000 yen (~1,200 dollars).
  • {okane wo morau} koto tte {sugoku taihen na} koto nanda ne.. papa
    Receiving money is a {very important} thing, isn't it.. daddy.
  • Natsuki wa papa to tsuki ni sankai hoteru ni iku dake de san-juu-man mo moratteru kedo..
    Natsuki is receiving 300,000 yen (~3,000 dollars) just to go to the hotel with daddy three times per month, but..
    • Next panel, not in image:
    • sonna ni takusan moratte ii no?
      Is [it] alright [for me] to receive so much?
    • Note: Natsuki uses her own name as first person pronoun, a practice commonly done by young children (e.g. Yotsuba), and a trait added to characters who aren't very bright.
    • Her relationship with "papa" becomes a source of drama later in the series.

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