Manga: Galaxy Angel (Chapter 3, 月の聖母の贈り物)


  • Context: Luft Weizen ルフト・ヴァイツェン, a general in charge of the Angel Troupe space fleet, talks about how he has never met the imperial prince whom they protect.
  • sou na no ja
    That's right.
  • {washi ya Enjeru-tai} nimo, {kono fune ni notte} kara wa ichido mo atte wa kudasaranu......
    ワシエンジェル隊にも この船に乗ってからは1度も会っては下さらぬ・・・・・・
    {Me and the Angel Troupe}, since {boarding this ship} [he] hasn't met even once...... (literally.)
    Not even once {since boarding this ship} [he] met {me or the Angel Troupe}......
    • ~ni au に会う - to meet with...
    • ichido mo 一度も - not even once.
    • atte wa kudasaranu - the ~te wa ~ては divides main verb (au) and auxiliary verb (kudasaranu) into topic and focus.
    • atte kudaranu - archaic form of atte kudasaranai 会って下さらない, negative form of:
    • atte kudasaru
      To meet. (honorific, used when someone superior does something for someone inferior, like the prince meeting with him, which would be an honor.)

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