Manga: Masamune-kun no Revenge, 政宗くんのリベンジ (Chapter 1, 豚足と呼ばれた男)


  • Context: Shuri Kojuurou 朱里小十郎, a boy that looks like a girl, i.e. a "trap," or otokonoko 男の娘, compliments Makabe Masamune 真壁政宗 for being intelligent, humble, and kind, to which Makabe responds:
  • yose yo, Shuri-kun
    よせ 朱里君
    Stop [it], Shuri-kun.
  • omae datte "sou-uke no Kojuurou-kyun" toka iwarete ichibu no joshi ni daininki rashii zo?
    [I] hear you, too, are called [stuff like] "the total bottom Kojuurou-kyun" and are very popular with one portion of the girls?
    • In the sense of him being popular, too, with girls, like Masamune, except Masamune is popular for being a "hot guy," ikemen イケメン, while Kojuurou is popular only some girls (the fujoshi) for being an otokonoko.
    • sou-uke - a type of uke 受け, the "bottom" in a fictional homosexual relationship, which is always the bottom no matter what character he's paired with.
  • kyaa
    *fangirling noises*
  • oseji janai tte
    [I'm telling] [you] [it] isn't flattery. (i.e. Kojuurou really means the stuff he said about Masamune, they weren't insincere or joke compliments.)

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