Manga: Saiki Kusuo no Psi-Nan, 斉木楠雄のΨ難 (Chapter 37, Ψ恐!松崎先生)


  • Context: characters see a girl appearing out of nowhere and are confused about where she came from. It's the protagonist, who has psychic powers, including the ability to turn into a girl.
  • touzen, {boku ga nyotaika shita} ni kimatteru darou
    当然 僕が女体化したに決まってるだろう
    Obviously it's that {I turned into a girl}.
    Of course it's me turned into a girl.
  • don
    *sound effect used when something comes up suddenly.*
  • Saiki Kusuo motoi Saiki Kusuko ga na
    Saiki Kusuo, or rather, Saiki Kusuko [did].
    • He, or rather, she is saying who nyotaika'd, since it's marked as subject by the ga が particle.
    • The name Kusuo ends in a kanji for "male," osu 雄, making it obviously a male name.
    • The name Kusuko ends in ko, which is a common suffix in female names, and typically used when coming up with a quick name for the girl version of someone.

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