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  • Context: Chiyoda Momo 千代田桃 gets an upgrade canonically, complete with a womb tattoo, cat ears, dead eyes, and hair strands sticking out of her head, although the latter two may be unintended.
  • Tsuyotsuyo Haatofuru Debi Momo Foomu!!
    Strong Heartful Devi Momo Form!!
  • Ririsu-san kouan.
    Lilith-san design.
    • A character called Lilith designed this.
  • Momo no pawaa ya taikaku wo ikashi, {dai-karyoku no waza wo houshutsu suru} koto wo yuusen shi, takai reberu de matomatta foomu da!!
    パワー体格活かし、大火力の技を放出することを優先し 高いレベルでまとまったフォームだ!!
    It makes good use of Momo's power and body size, prioritizing {unleashing techniques of great-firepower}, a high-level form!
    • ikasu
      To make best use of. To let something do what its best. In this sense, a form that lets she makes use of natural power and body size.
  • chinamini {{{rimittaa wo kaijo shita} Debiru Momo Dai-ni-shiki keitai ni} naru to} heso ni kizanda haatofuru tatwuu ga {geemingu-karaa ni} hakkou shite sugoku kakkoii no da!!
    By the way, {when [she] {becomes {Devil Momo Form Two [with] {[her] limiter removed}}}, the heartful tattoo engraved on [her] navel glows {in RGB color}, and [it] looks very cool!!
    • ni 弐 - a more formal way to spell the number "two," ni 二, used in documents, etc.
    • geemingu karaa
      "Gaming color." (literally.)
      Rainbow colored, as in the RGB aesthetic found in products targeted at gamers.

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