• Context: Fujiwara Chika 藤原千花 displays an utter lack of self-awareness.
  • moe tte iu-n-desu ka?
    [It] is called "moe," right?
    • She's confirming if what she's talking about is called moe, in case she misremembered the word.
  • doushite minna φ {{me ga suggoku ookikute} {shougakusei mitai na} kao-dachi shiteru}-n-desu ka?
    どうして皆目が すっごく大きくて小学生みたいな顔立ちしてるんですか?
    Why everybody {has huge eyes and} {has facial features [that] {look like a grade school student}}?
    • Why the characters all look like they're in grade school?
  • nanoni, nande mune dake wa ookii-n-desu ka?
    なのに なんで胸だけは大きいんですか?
    And yet, why are [their] chests alone big?
    (contrastive wa.)
    • Why do they have child-like proportions except for their breasts?
    • Why the girls have large breasts if they're supposed to look like children?
  • nande {mecha takai} neko-nade-goe de shaberu-n-desu ka?
    Why do [they] speak in an {absurdly high-pitched} "cat-caressing-voice"?
    • neko-nade-goe - literally "cat-caressing voice," refers to a voice tone that's kind and sweet, and also enticing.
    • Fujiwara, like most anime characters, has all these attributes she's asking about.

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