Manga: SPY×FAMILY (Chapter 3)


  • Context: newly wed husband and wife catch a thief who stole an old lady's bag and return it to her.
  • arigatou nee, tasukatta wa
    ありがとうねぇ たすかったわ
    Thank you, [you] saved [me].
  • bun bun bun bun bun
    *shake shake shake*
    (mimetic word.)
  • a... ie
    Ah... no. (in the sense of I didn't do anything, it's nothing.)
  • {tori-kaeshite-kureta} no wa uchi no otto... shujin? desu no de
    The person [who] {took [the bag] back} was my husband, my otto... shujin? so [you should tell him thanks, not me].
    • otto 夫 and shujin 主人 both mean "husband" in Japanese. They are unusually spelled in katakana here as a creative choice to indicate the newly-wed wife isn't used to saying these words, so she isn't even sure whether to refer to her husband by the word otto or by the word shujin yet.
  • ...iya
  • boku wa {Yoru-san ga inakattara} oi-kake mo shinakatta...
    {If Yor-san weren't [with me]}, I wouldn't even have pursued [the thief]...
    • oi-kakeru 追いかける, "to go after," "to pursue."

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