Manga: Dr. Stone, ドクターストーン (Chapter 32, BRAIN & HEART)


  • Context: an elder character, Kaseki カセキ, imparts wisdom upon someone younger, Ginrou 銀狼.
  • anshin sei, Ginrou
    安心せ 銀狼
    "Be relaxed," Ginrou.
    Don't worry, Ginrou.
  • nushi wa chiiiiiitomo yowaku nanka nai wai
    You are not a biiiiiiiit weak.
    • nushi - "you," second person pronoun, otherwise means "lord," "master."
    • Ginrou wa yowakunai
      Ginrou isn't weak.
    • chittomo ちっとも - "(not) a bit."
    • nanka - "or anything like." In this case: not weak or anything such.
    • wai わい - this is the sentence ending particle wa わ together with i い. Note that i い can be replaced by yo in this position as well, but then it sounds feminine:
    • yowaku nanka nai wa yo
      (same meaning, feminine.)
    • Although sentence-final wa わ is used by men in some cases, wa yo doesn't seem to be, even though wai is.
  • mushiro kowagari wa naga-iki no hiketsu ja!
    In fact, being afraid is the secret of long-living!
    In fact, being afraid is the secret to live a long life!
    • kowagari - the state of "being afraid" or someone habitually in such state, i.e. a coward. Noun form of kowagaru 怖がる, "to be afraid." See stative verb for why it's "to be."
    • naga-iki - noun form of nagaku ikiru 長く生きる, "to live long."
    • ja - same as the da だ copula, used by the elderly.
  • {jijii ga iu} to settoku-ryoku binbin jaro?
    If {an old man says [it]}, [it] [has a lot of] persuasiveness, [doesn't it]?
    • settoku-ryoku - the "power," chikara 力, "to convince [someone]," settoku suru 説得する.
    • binbin - mimetic word for throbbing (e.g. headache), blaring (music), and similarly for sound or words that have a lot of impact.
    • jaro - same as daro だろ.
  • washi mo kowagari jatta!
    I was a coward too!
    • jatta - same as datta だった.

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