Manga: Dr. Stone, ドクターストーン (Chapter 29, Senku's Lab)


  • jiisan anta ga tsukutta no ka?
    Old-man, did you make it?
  • kono nenki mon no go-rippa na tate
    This outstanding, seasoned shield.
    • mon もん
      mono もの
    • nenki 年季
      Seasoned. In the sense of accustomed, well-used, well-worn. Because the shield has been used for a good while.
  • tetsu no dougu mo senryou mo roku ni nee kankyou de yo
    In an environment with practically no iron tools or dyes.
  • This whole panel contains only one sentence. The second line is headed by the word tate 盾, "shield," while the third is headed by a marked kankyou 環境, "environment." These two things are arguments for the verb tsukutta 作った, "made," from the first line.
  • anta ga kono tate wo kono kankyou de tsukutta no ka?
    You made this shield in this environment?

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