• Context: Edward Elric エドワード・エルリック uses alchemy to knot a gun.
  • uo!?
    • In this panel, lines make the edges of the panel darker, so the center is brighter and looks like an explosion.
  • !? nanja korya!!
    What is this!? (emotive right-dislocation.)
    • In this panel, the character that was previously crouching slightly now stands up straight in surprise, so his head is higher than before.
    • Instead of drawing speed lines coming from his chin downwards, the author drew speed lines on the top of panel, indicating that the camera looked upwards to see his face.
  • bu!!
    *hurt noises*
    • In this panel, lines were drawn diagonally in the background, which means the camera either followed Edward's foot going to the bad guy's face, or it's following the bad guy flying away diagonally.

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