Manga: Dragon Ball, ドラゴンボール (Chapter 226, 界王拳の謎)


  • Context: Vegeta sent his underling to fight Kakarot. His underling lost. Vegeta is perplexed.
  • nasakenai
    yatsu da
    [What a] pathetic guy.
    • Referring to a guy who just lost to Kakarot.
  • masaka
    {ano Kakarotto aite ni
    kono ore ga wazawaza
    ugoku} koto ni
    naru towa na......
    [It's unbelievable that] it ended up in such way that {against that Kakarot, I have to [fight]}.
    • In other words: Vegeta didn't expect he'd have "to move," ugoku 動く. He expected his underling to handle it. So he wouldn't have to act, he wouldn't have to fight Kakarot.
    • However, since his underling lost, the "situation became in such way that" it's necessary for him to make a move.
    • That's what koto ni naru is expressing: the situation ended up that way.

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