• Context: the club wonders how Haruhi ハルヒ changed her appearance so drastically.
  • mireba
    miru hodo
    fushigi da yo ne~~
    The more [you] see it the stranger [it] gets.
  • nande
    kore ga aa nacchau wake
    For what reason did this ended up becoming like that?
    • This: in middle school, chuugakkou 中学校, Haruhi looked like a normal girl.
    • Like that: in high school, koukou 高校, Haruhi looks like a boy.
    • Although Haruhi is in front of them, the word used isn't sou そう but aa ああ. That's because the guys aren't talking to her, they're talking about her. She's a third party in the conversation.
    • kou ichi 高1
      First year of high school.
    • nacchau なっちゃう
      natte-shimau なってしまう
      End up becoming.
  • kami wa... nyuugaku zenjitsu kinjo no ko ni gamu wo hittsukerarete...
    The hair... days before entering school, a [chewing] gum was [put on it] by a neighborhood kid...
    • Hikari starts explaining how she became "like that," aa ああ, or, from her point of view, "like this," kou こう.

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