• Context: a dragon maid doesn't understand a guy.
  • nani itteru ka
    zenzen wakaranai

    [I] have no idea what [he] is saying.
  • doragon shauto de ookee...
    With dragon shout [it] is OK. (literally.)
    Can you say that again in dragon language?
    • Here, shauto シャウト is a gikun for go 語, "language."
    • This is a reference to a meme.
    • nihongo de ok
      With Japanese language, it's ok.
    • Which normally would be used if someone is speaking English or Greek or something, and a Japanese native that doesn't understand those languages would rather have them speak in Japanese.
    • From there, the meme is used when someone is saying stuff that you can't understand, full of jargon, so it sounds like a different language to you.

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