Left: Shindou Yuuta 進藤ユータ
Right: Kamakura Shiho 鎌倉志保
Anime: WWW.WORKING!! (Episode 12)


  • Context: Shiho sprouts a flower on her head, symbolizing that she's entered a happy-go-lucky mode and talking silly. Yuuta plucks the flower and tells her to stop the silliness. She then asks him a serious question instead, prompting him to try to put the flower back to avoid the question question. Before he manages to put it back, she tells him:
  • ohana φ modosanaide Yuuta-kun.
    ohana-batake wa toriaezu shuuryou yo
    Don't put the flower back, Yuuta-kun.
    The flower field [part] has ended for now.
    • modosu
      To return. To put something back where you took it from.

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