Manga: Black Lagoon (Chapter 2, Rasta Blasta PT.1)


  • demo na,
    But [you see],
  • uchi-ra no shoubai no tashi ni sae natte-ryaa,
    うちらの 商売の 足しにさえ なってりゃあ、
    If it helps our business,
    • uchi-ra no うちらの
      First person pronoun (uchi)
      pluralizing suffix (ra)
      + possessive particle (no)
    • natteryaa なってりゃあ
      (same as)
      nattereba なってれば
    • tashi ni naru 足しになる
      To be useful (for something.)
  • soitsu wa
    (noo-puroberumu) mondai-nashi da,

    そいつは 問題なしノー・プロブレム
    That one is no problem (no problem)
    • Revy sometimes mixes English phrases in the Japanese.
      Here, she says noo puroberumu, a katakanization of the phrase "no problem."
      The Japanese word, mondai-nashi 問題なし, works as a translation for the Japanese readers that might not understand what the English ノー・プロベルム means.
  • wakaru ka? わかるか?
    {Do you get it?]
  • noo-puroberumu da ノー・プロベルムだ
    No problem.
    • This second time doesn't get a gikun, because the reader will already know what the phrase means.
  • seigi ga nakutomo
    tikyuu wa mawaru ze?

    正義がなくとも 地球は回るぜ?
    Even without justice the world [goes round]. (i.e. the world doesn't stop because of injustices.)

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